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We are proud of our excellent team who are not only pleasant to work with but will also bring you an unparalleled experience when booking your tour. Our past travelers have enjoyed our punctual response, ultimate care and smiling face and we believe that we will make you feel the same way.
Kevin Khanh
Founder & CEO

We want to provide people with the most amazing trips, to destinations they have often never seen and sometimes never heard of. We want to share our destinations, our experiences and for people to love them as much as we do. We also want to let people decide: this is it, this is the trip I want!

Nguyen Viet Ha
Asia Essence Tours Travel Consultant

Xin chào! My name is Ha, a wanderlust lover. I have 2 goals in life. The first one was set since I was little, which is to conquer all the 5 continents by having a close look into every cities on earth, getting to know the local people there, understanding their customs and cultures and admiring the undeniable beauty of Mother Nature. The other goal of mine is to help others, who also wish to pursue their dream of conquering the world through travelling, experiencing and transforming. So, here you are, I am 100% sure that you can count on me as a local buddy - who not only bring you the most fascinating crafted trip, but also show you the best way to live and enjoy your journey of a lifetime to the fullest.

Tony Ha
IT Manager

Hello, I’m Ha. I'm quite new to the tourism industry, but my passion for travelling has always been there! Vietnam has always been my favorite travelling destination, but other Asian countries should also be on everyone's bucket list! Welcome to Asia, and let us design your dream vacations for you!

Ta Vu Huong
Asia Essence Tours Travel Consultant

Hello and welcome, my name is Huong or you could call me Kate. I’m a wildlife lover, a very keen cyclist, a passionate painter and so as you, a travel addict. Having been fortunate to visit some fabulous destinations with over 4 years as a travel consultant especially for holidays to Indochina, I have a wealth of travel knowledge and can’t wait to share with you. So let me arrange your next adventure, whatever your holiday needs just let me know I will go extra mile to ensure you have an experience of a lifetime!

Miu Ta
Asia Essence Tours Travel Consultant

No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.”- Miu Ta. This is also my feeling whenever my journeys ended. Though, I feel no regretful but inspirational as my experience will become a great benefit for your adventure in Asia. It is my honor to be your personal travel concierge and assist you with your travel plan! And I hope after my tailor-made trip, you will feel the same way I do when you come home.

Ngo Thanh Hang
Asia Essence Tours Travel Consultant

Hello! I'm Ngoc - a food lover. I love to travel and try delicious traditional food from different countries. I believe that is a way to live like a local when traveling. I’m proud to represent Asia Essence Tours and to help you find your perfect vacation. If you have any travel plan, feel free to reach out. Before you book elsewhere, check with me! You will receive added benefit of booking with Asia Essence Tours as well as a high level of personal care.

Mai Doan
Asia Essence Tours Travel Consultant

Travelling is for everyone! After having graduated from Tourism Management in the UK, I came back to Vietnam and started working in the tourism industry to share my passion for travel in Asia to everyone. Come and join us so you'll find out more. It's my pleasure to plan your adventure to Asia!

Vi Van Thuy
Product Manager

Welcome and thank you for visiting us. My name is Thuy - product manager of Asia Essence Tours. After nearly 8 years of collecting industry insights by experiencing many positions, from ordinary tour guide to senior tour manager, in both AU & US large corporations, I decided to join my best buddy - Kevin Khanh to start our own business in 2009. Since then, both of us have worked so hard and never let anyone or any obstacle limit our dreams. We thrive to fulfill the desire of bringing the Indochina homeland and Asia as close to the rest of world as possible, by providing signature service packages created from insightful understandings and passion for tourism. 


Tran Cuong
Asia Essence Tours Marketing Director

Welcome to Vietnam and this is Hang! 6 years ago, I started my adventure and decided to head East. Vietnam was my very first destination which I immediately fell in love with the moment I arrived. Yes, the traffic was insane and the weather was so strange, very few people spoke French. But now, I am totally in love with those things. I learned to ride a scooter, I got my tanning skin perfectly and I can get most of the conversation in Vietnamese. Even got a Vietnamese name, called Trúc. For those of you wondering what is there in Vietnam, the answer is thousand of things you have never experienced before are waiting for you. And please don’t hesitate, just come, live and do Vietnam!

Ngoc Le
Chief Accountant

My name is Hang. I first began working in the travel industry as a way to nurture my own passion for travel. Five years later, I still consider it my dream job. Assisting clients in fulfilling their travel dreams while providing them with excellent value is something that I take great pleasure in. In addition to travel, I’m also passionate about yoga and wellness. Together these passions create a great balance between work and life that I hope will inspire others.

Le Anh Tuan
Guide Leader

I'm Tuan, a nature and beach lover. Qualified with a post-grad degree in Banking and Finance, yet the passion in photography, exploring local life and cultures encourages me to join tourism industry for learning and sharing experience. If you are looking for travel experience, especially local life and hidden paths in Asia, I am more than happy to be your consultant. Cheerio!


..and many others.
Asia Essence Tours’ team of more than 200 hundreds is growing quickly to support our ever increasing number of clients. As a privately owned and founder led travel company, we work in a dynamic environment and are able to respond quickly to your needs. We invest in our people, whether tour guide, driver, local expert or customer support; and they invest in you.

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