Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc Island is Vietnam’s largest island situated just off the southern coast of Vietnam, in the Gulf of Thailand, and is part of Kien Giang Province. Phu Quoc is a splendid tropical getaway set with beautiful white-sand beaches and quaint fishing villages, it is also called the Emerald Island because of its natural treasures and infinite tourism potential. The island of Phu Quoc has a triangular form. On the west side, lies the biggest beach, called Long Beach. Most of the hotels are located here. The beach on this side of the island is more than five-mile-long. North of Long Beach is where the island's biggest town located, Duong Dong. South of Long Beach lays the second largest town in Phu Quoc, An Thoi. On the east side of the island are some famous white sand beaches, like Bai Dan and Bai Sao. North of these beaches lay some fishing villages.

Northwest lies Ganh Dau and some unspoiled beaches. On the Island center there are the pepper fields, the rain forest, the Suoi Da Ban River and its waterfalls.

Phu Quoc is not really part of the Mekong Delta and does not share the delta’s extraordinary ability to produce rice. The most valuable crop is black pepper, but the islanders here have traditionally earned their living from the sea. Phu Quoc is also famous for its production of high-quality fish sauce. Phu Quoc fish sauce smells particularly good since it is made from a small fish, ca com, with a high level of protein. Another interesting thing is Phu Quoc dog, which was reputedly a wild animal before and later trained as a hunting dog by the local people. They are very smart and are very loyal to their masters. These animals have unusually sharp teeth and have claws that over the years have been conditioned for catching their prey and are razor sharp. 

Phu Quoc Island has two main seasons: 
+ The rainy is from June to November
+ The dry season is from December to May
It is better to come during the dry season, but the rainy is not that bad. In June, July and August it rains a lot.