Visa Arrangement

Visa on arrival

Whether you are living near or far from Vietnamese Embassies or Consulates, or if you accidentally wish to visit Vietnam, you will be satisfied with our quick and secured arrangement for Visa on Arrival, which helps you avoid the complicated procedures and bureaucracy. Please contact us at to get further information.


We need to receive the order by fax or email from the applicant with information as follows:

- Full names, please quote as exactly as your passport.

- Other name

- Date of birth

- Gender

- Nationality

- Passport No. (Valid at least 6 month from the day of departure)

- Date of arrival Port of arrival (please choose Noi Bai (Hanoi), Danang or Tan Son Nhat (Saigon-Ho Chi Minh City) or both region

- Occupation

- Working address

- Home Address

- Telephone

- Length of stays (one month for tourist Visa)

- Place to get the Visa (usually, name of the city in your country, where the most convenient Vietnam Embassy or Consulate is located).

How to do

- Example of a traveler’s application:


- Upon reception of Visa order, we will submit the details to the Immigration Office (the I/O) and wait for the Visa Approval (normally 04-05 working days).

- If it is approved, the I/O will notify ASIA ESSENCE TOURS in writing that your Visa has been approved and at the same time notify the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in your country by fax. The fax code will be informed to you by ASIA ESSENCE TOURS. In case of the Visa on Arrival, the I/O will not fax the Visa Approval to any Embassies or Consulates but upon your arrival in Vietnam, you will see the office “Visa Upon Arrival”, where Immigration officers will check your Approval Number and get your Visa stamped hereby. Please remember to inform us your arrival flight to Vietnam so that we will be able to assist you should any matters arise.

- We will send you a copy of the Visa Approval by email or other ways (hand-over, fax, post, telephone…). In case of Visa on Arrival, it will be important for boarding airplane.

You will contact the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate to get Visa (normally one working day)


Please note that “Visa on Arrival” in Vietnam means “VISA STAMPED on arrival”. The guests must get the Visa Approval issued by the Vietnam Immigration Office in advance. Being misunderstood, many tourists had spent at least 1-2 days at the entry gates to arrange the visas.

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